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I am one of the strongest worries of my time, many men have tried to kill me but I win everytime. But I met a woman who cut my power off and now my eyes are gone because my power was my hair

Who am I
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I don't give out candy
I don't give out money... In fact, I believe in a world without greed and money!
Without me, life would be horrible.
People choose to believe in me....
Who the HELL am I :)
Why is the baker so mean?
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We aren't perfect but some try to be
We think we're organized, we're not
We're alive but some wish we weren't
we run to compete
What are we?
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What's brown and rhymes with snoop
They find a man on the floor dead In a circular room. A random person, asked the people who were with the man: the cook, baby sitter, and a made. The random person asked the cook, he answered, he was cooking for him. Then he asked the made she answered, I was dusting the corners. Then he asked the baby sitter she answered, she was playing with his kids. Who was it? Who lied?
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If history were fabric,
I would be a seam,
Hoping to bring together
All the colors that would bleed.

The head would call me leader,
While the toe would call me tyrant.
But in the end it wouldn't matter,
Despite all that I had done.
For while I had led the battle,
My enemies conspired,
And the theatre ran red
With blood.

Who am I?
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What goes oh oh oh

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A fathers child and a mothers child yet no ones son. Who am I?
I am a father's child and a mother's child but nobody's son who am I?