Who Am I

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Riddles that test your knowledge of known people or characters.

I am on YouTube,
I have so many baes,
I can't keep track of all these dudes,
All of them stay, none of them yell.

I wear lots I lisstick,
So my lips will look luscious,
I am so famous that I don't need to rhyme because you already know who I am. so I don't to try very hard because everyone knows who I am.

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These men fight against hell
For they are the hunters
But they do it together
Because they are brothers
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This isn't a riddle but I wanted you know that I have had this app for 4 years and I have read the apps but never posted. I just wanted you to know that I'm hear!
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I can rewind time but only to a certain extent. My best friend lost her best friend. My other friend likes me but to me he's just a friend. This other guy is a drug dealer and was thought to be a murderer. But it turns out it was the teacher all along.

Who am I?
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Why do sea gulls fly over the sea?
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