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Riddles that test your knowledge of known people or characters.

I am brightness in light.
I am an illusion at night.
I have no flaws, but I'm far from perfect.
I have no shortcomings, but I'm not reliable.
I can jump, but I can't fly.
I'm hot before I'm warm.
I'm older than anything I can remember.
I can start anything but I need fuel to go.
You can see through me, but I form a wall
I make mountains, but you can't build on me.
I started everything, and I intend to finish it all.
I was found before the people that found me.
And I'm never around, but you can feel me. Who am I?
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I am pail. I am sparkly. I have fangs. Humans are my meal.

Who am I?
I eat people and im not a hippo
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When I was young, I forced a simple human being to break his promise to a being who once ruled over the gods. Yet if you saw me, I would seem small and delicate. I am the reason why you may feel hopelessness while trying to guess this riddle. I am the one to take the blame for every discomforting feeling you have ever had, any discouraging thoughts. I am the reason for all of it. But what did I do? All I did was lift the tiniest covering, and it ruined all of your lives.

Now you must tell me who the reason is for all of this. What is my name?
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I've been argued on my colour.
Without me you'll die.
So many attempts on your life use me, so make sure you have many of my "White" friends.
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I have a frame but no picture
I have poles but not standing up
What am I ?
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I am one of the many well recognized Interactive fiction authors.
Some of my stories include car crashes, murders, space, babysitters, and robbers that sleep in the victim's bed.
Any person who likes Interactive fiction has played at least one of my stories. I have won many awards for my work.

Hint: Photopia
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My feet are on the ground and my head is over the stars who Am I ?
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I throw my weapon like a javelin, but no
man can do it as I do, only nature can replicate this feat alone. The decline of my worship came after defeat, but my identity lived on with the attackers who defeated my main worshippers, as another name. Alas, my worship declined from a long haired man who was a mortal on earth yet he was the demise of my worshippers, as they were traitorous and turned to him.
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I slew a woman with killer hair, gaze upon her and you will not fair well. Look at this beautiful and horrid woman and you will become a mere pillar among the many surrounding her lair. I killed her with a sword of adamant after gazing upon her merely in a reflection.
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