Who Am I

375 riddles

Riddles that test your knowledge of known people or characters.

A man wakes up at dusk every day and goes out drinking. He drinks the same thing every day. This drink is served warm and taken directly from the source. After he drinks all night, he goes to bed at dawn and sleeps all day. Who is he and what is his drink?
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Many people own a copy of me. Without me the world would fall.
Who am I?
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You fly a plane to China and stop, refuel, and get a snack. You get back on board and fly to Germany and crash land in a jungle. Who was flying the plane?
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I stare at you,
You stare back at me.
Your a copycat,
I can see.
Whatever I do,
You seem to do too.
At the same time of course,
But how do you know.
Who am I?
If the world was destroyed by nukes the only ones to survive is who
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Boiling substance
Has sealed my fate
With two minds
I create a hate
And a kidness
But two heads shall fliped
Let's hope
Your fate wont be created.
Who am I
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Bobby's mother has four children.... Penny, Nickel, Dime ... and what's the name of the fourth child?
I travel the world and I am drunk constantly. Who am I?
We are one of the friendliest of people.
We love to hug and give kisses.
We crave for knowledge and we don't care who you are, we want you to be part of us!
Please don't run if we scare you, because if you hide, we can't find you. We are not exactly the smartest of people.
People use to put others in a chair tied up and put them into water to see if they were one of us.
If we live, we die. If we die, we stay dead.
Who are we?
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