Who Am I

375 riddles

Riddles that test your knowledge of known people or characters.

I'm out at night,
You will NEVER see me in the day!!!
I suck your blood and can turn in to a bat
I love red and black!!!????
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I wake up and he is in my head. I miss how he would hold me and kiss me. He says he loves me than leave all their left is sad little me.
What's left of me?
My friends call me Kino
I often don't mind.
I love the fields
And like solving riddles.
Haha this probably doesn't make sense
I wouldn't blame you!
But hi I'm kino!
Nice to meet you!
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I am in a painting
I was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci
I am a very important piece of art history
My hair is long and dark

Who am I
I am small and brown
My enemy is gray and meows
My enemy never gets the chance to eat me
I am way to quick for him.
I live in the little holes in the house
The house owner doesn't know that exsist
I come out when the owner leaves the house

Who am I?
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I am a book I describe an ordinary life yet I am pretty entertaining I used to be popular I even had a movie made about me what am i
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I talk, but I do not speak my mind
I hear words, but I do not listen to thoughts.
When I wake, all see me.
When I sleep, all hear me.
Many heads are on my shoulders,
Many hands are at my feet.
The strongest steel cannot break my visage,
But the softest whisper can destroy me.
Who am I?
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I use electricity
I killed my father
I am a king
I am very old
I have a lot of girlfriends
But I also have a wife
Who am I?
For, lest you remember Me, I take from you your name, your home, your sight, your love, your passion, and every other thing you hold dear, for I am a vain creature. Forget my misdeeds, or choose to remember, and those that do I swear to condemn. I demand your fear, but I may be worthy of pity, for what creature should take his power and use it to exalt himself? No matter, for it was I that chose it, and the deed is done. Who am I?
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When I saw the gleaming white horse and the horseman that rode it, I knew it was the enemy.
I notched my arrow as he notched his. I aimed for his head for the crown he wore was easily seen.
By the time I decided to let the arrow fly... I was already dead.
This war had already caused the death of many. Through famine, plague, or victory.
Who was my killer?
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