772 riddles

Anything that doesn't fit in the others comes in here, enjoy.

On my way to Hindal I met a group of women each carrying 5 kindle

There where 6 sticks in each kindle, and in total the were 480 sticks.

How many people where going to Hindal?
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Who becomes president after both the vice-president and speaker of the house die?
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Where are the Kings and Queens of England crowned?
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Sing is a word. Song is a word. Sung is a word. Sang is a word. But, is Singed a word?
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You are in a barren field with nothing for miles and throw a ball as hard as you can, but the ball comes back to you. How is this possible?
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How do you pronouce the capital of Kentucky?
is it "Looey-ville"? Or "Louise-ville"?
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If a red house has red stairs inside, and a blue house has blue stairs, then what does a green house have?
You're in a field and you see a dead man, he is naked and holding a drinking straw. What happened?
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A farmer had 17 sheep.
All but 9 died.
How many are still alive?
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Tho, how are you? I uthed my geniuth to brainthtorm the hardethd riddle ever. Tell which of thethe ith a animal:

A. Moth
B. Shark
C. Both
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