145 riddles

Riddles for children, meant for children so don't think too hard.

An explorer goes on an exposition in the jungle. He sets up camp in the middle of the jungle. The next morning he looks in his bag and sees something with a head and a tail, but he is not afraid. What did he see in his bag?
I am white
I begin with a b
You write on me
What am I!?
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Who Said It...
Red, yellow,
Purple, and green
Our hands are colored
And I'm thirteen.
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What gets bigger when you pull it, fits nicely between your breasts, and can be inserted into a small hole?
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I am not one if humans biggest fears, I AM the biggest fear. The people that like me are pretty crazy. He just keeps on repeating himself. ( I just don't understand...)
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What is the national anthem of Hawaii?
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A young man walks into a restaurant and as a waiter with straight hair comes and takes his menu, he asks if he could get the curly hair waitress to take his menu. As the curly haired waitress is finished taking his order she asks "Are you in the Army ?" And the man cheerfully replied "Yes."
How'd she know ?
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I have no mistake yet I will take care of yours.
I am a king but also a measuring device.
I like butter or even cheese.
Lettuce, tomato, no mayo please.