145 riddles

Riddles for children, meant for children so don't think too hard.

There is ten crows on a fence a man shoots and gets one of them how many are left?
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What kind of train chews gum
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Where do bees wait for the bus?
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What did the rich singer say to the poor singer?
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Lily and Rose are walking around in the mall. Suddenly, Lily feels like she has to go to the bathroom, so the girls tried to find it.The two girls walked around the mall and eventually found the bathroom. The signs on the two doors had been vandalized, and said:



Since they had no idea which was the women's room, The girls walked over to the lady at the pizza stand in the food court and asked her. The lady turned out to be new, and all she knew and told the girls was that the vandals crossed letters off of both signs."

Lily immediately knew which bathroom to go into. Which be did the girls go into?
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A boy goes to his teacher and asks her if he may go to the bathroom. The teacher replies
"say the alphabet first"
The teacher is very confused and asks,
"where Is the "P"

What was the boys response?
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What stays in a corner but travels all around the world?
? which ways the bus going
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What letter comes next in this pattern D R M F S L T (has to do with music)????????????????????????????????????????????????
It's a stormy night and a plane takes off from JFK airport in NY the storm worsens and the plane crashes-half lands in the US, and the other half lands in which country do you bury the survivors?
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