What Am I

2320 riddles

Riddles where you have to find out what is being described.

I'm often seen around a lot, referred to many ways,
see me black and you may find misfortune haunts your days.

Tell a thing, that should have been kept quiet, to all around,
then look inside the sack, there I'm no longer to be found.

Nosiness, prying, snooping, leaves me fearing, full of dread,
for all these things are likely to see me soon lying dead.

These clues combined should start to give a picture, an idea, of who or what I am, so can you tell me? Is it clear?
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Four legs have I, a sturdy fellow.
A fuzzy back that isn't yellow.
But (often) green or (rarely) red.
A den is where I make my bed.
My keepers feed me colored balls.
With sticks they store on my den walls.
Sometimes I store them in my pouch.
Sometimes deep in my belly; ouch!
That's when you'll see me acting strange.
Instead of balls, I'll eat your change.
And that's my cue to feed again chalk it up to hunger, friend!

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I am a protector. I sit on a bridge. One person can see right through me, while others wonder what I hide. What am I?
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Eating white is what I mostly do.
If quick enough, a fruit and some things blue.
When you see pink, sky blue, orange, or red,
It would be wise to turn my yellow head.
In a dark room with blue walls.
I run from the ghosts that roam the halls.
What am I?
My first is simply a vegetable, delicious, round and green.
My third and fourth are sound asleep, as plainly can be seen.
My fifth is fifty, clear enough for any riddle-setter.
Two of my second stacked on their sides will give my final letter.
Now that my second has my parts, fit them together well.
You see me now before your eyes; it's plain for all to tell.

A potato's key tool, I have all the power.
I am generally used on the half or full hour.
If my cells were deceased or lost or the such,
My partner would only respond to your touch.

What am I?
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Discovered in Africa, I spread like a tide to become a hot staple known the world wide.
A necessity to some, a treasure to many, I'm best enjoyed among pleasant company.

Some like me hot and some like me cold. some prefer mild, others only bold.
Some take me straight, while some like to savor, my essence to which has been added a flavor.

So put down your cares and sit awhile with me; I'll send you back refreshed and full of energy.
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I beam, I shine, I sparkle white
I'll brighten the gloom with my light
I'll mystify and enchant all
I'll bring out the best in you all

Goofy, bucked, green or gold
Young and charming, wise and old
Sly, cunning, empty some times
Mirthful, uplifting, within the lines

A fleeting glimpse or prolonged show
I'm sometimes sad, sometimes mean
Sometimes I'll say more than you know
Or betray what you think you've seen

Now, if you know me, tell me so
You have me too, you know!
I can run swiftly and silently when you want me to stay still, I can move slowly and cautiously and am yours to fill.
You look at me often and yet you always forget me, I am the most feared killer, yet you can't live without me.
Sometimes you have me for all to spare, yet when you need me, I am not there.
You can waste me, or cherish me, you choose the track, but once you're done you can never get me back.
A cloud was my mother, the wind is my father, my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land. A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place. What am I?