What Am I

2320 riddles

Riddles where you have to find out what is being described.

This runs fore to aft on one side of a ship, and aft to fore on the other.

What is it?
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You use it between your head and your toes, the more it works the thinner it grows.

What is it?
I have no voice and yet I speak to you, I tell of all things in the world that people do. I have leaves, but I am not a tree, I have pages, but I am not a bride or royalty. I have a spine and hinges, but I am not a man or a door, I have told you all, I cannot tell you more. What am I?
Many have heard it, but nobody has ever seen it, and it will not speak back until spoken to. What is it?
Although it is neither big nor small, nor liquid, solid or gas, it can be broken without being dropped. What is it?
What can go up a chimney down, or down a chimney down, but can't go up a chimney up, or down a chimney up?
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I was born in the 18th century yet still live on today. Appearing on TV when I have something to say. Called everything from "honest" to a dirty rotten "crook". I used to wear a wig but have had several looks. I've always had a party but never disturb the neighbors. I've been shot at, many times, major stories for the papers. What am I?
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What does no man want, yet no man want to lose?
What is lighter than a feather and if you put it in a barrel it will make the barrel lighter?
One head with three hands. What am I?