What Am I

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Riddles where you have to find out what is being described.

Some try to hide
Some try to cheat
But time will show
We always will meet
Try as you might
To guess my name
When we meet
It is such a shame

What am I?
My days are numbered
What am I?
I contain strange videos and when you go deeper they'll get stranger and stranger. When you can't take anymore you have to exit and restart the place you found me in. To find me you will start with normal videos then curiosity will overpower preference.

What am I?
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My 1st compliments people
My 2nd makes things known
My 3rd hurts feelings
My 4th may hold a precious treasure
My 5th is used when sharing fancy beverages

What am I?
I'm really bored, I don't have a riddle, just words. I'll put a riddle later. I have to reason put this one. Just seeing if anyone else is alive

Ok here's a riddle. What kind of computer crosses the road?
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Every dawn begins with me
At dusk I'll be the 1st you see
And daybreak could not come without
What midday centers all about
Daisies grow from me I'm told
And when I come I end all code
Yet in the sun I won't be found
Yet still each day I will be around

What am I?
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A thousand wheels but move I do not
Call me what you will
Call me a lot

What am I?
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I have hands, I can't clap, a face but can't smell, see or hear. But no legs or arms. What am I?
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What is Everywhere, No Where and some where?
The Rich Want It. The Poor Need It. The Wise Know It.