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What must you always buy, but never want to use?
How do you keep your husband from reading your e-mail?
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One head with three hands. What am I?
Jack is a farmer and owns some chickens. One day, he took a basket of fresh eggs to the market to sell.

The first person bought half of all the eggs in the basket and half an egg.

Then, the second person bought half of the remaining eggs and half an egg.

Later, the third person bought half of the remaining eggs and half an egg.

Now Jack's basket has only 1 egg left.

If no eggs were broken in the process, how many eggs did he originally have in his basket?
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What suits do lawyers wear?
You have a 5 gallon bucket, a 3 gallon bucket, and a hose to fill them up. You need to get 4 gallons. You have no means of measuring how many gallons are in each bucket (except knowing the bucket capacity). How can you be certain that you have 4 gallons?
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What is lighter than a feather and if you put it in a barrel it will make the barrel lighter?
A rooster lays an egg on a top of a hill, which way does the egg fall?
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What band does not perform, sing, or act?
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Which path did the crazy man take out of the woods?
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