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Some try to hide
Some try to cheat
But time will show
We always will meet
Try as you might
To guess my name
When we meet
It is such a shame

What am I?
What's black white and Red all over
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You leave home, make 3 left turns and return home. On the way you see two people wearing masks, who are they?
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Hey guys i have has this app for a long time i just haven't posted anything so yeah hi comment if u want me to tell y'all some riddles aright mates
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Good for you guys
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This isn't a riddle but I wanted you know that I have had this app for 4 years and I have read the apps but never posted. I just wanted you to know that I'm hear!
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RMT is longer offered on the App Store, making it impossible to get new users on here. Kate (Sherlocked) and I had the idea of possibly starting up a group chat in one way or another where we can all remain in contact with one another. Facebook is a really easy one to do this on, but I want to see what is best for all of us.
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A turtle crosses the road. How?

You get two hints:
Take the "F" out of free
And the "F" out of way.
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your energy makes me glow,
makes me feel all warm inside -
though now i'm just for show,
i was once useful in your life.
i once stood in your presence,
tall and fresh and good -
nowadays you wear me down,
i wear a shrunken hood.

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A young woman was found dead in her California apartment. There were traces of a powerful, deadly neurotoxin in her blood and an empty bottle of the poison was found on the bedside table beside her bed. She was found sprawled across her bed, nearby the bottle of poison. Beside her bed were a fully packed suitcase and plane ticket for a flight later in the day she died. The coroner ruled the death suicide, but one detective pointed out how this death had to have been murder. From what did he draw this conclusion?
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