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I come in waves
Some lives I save
I have a beat
I'll put vibrations in your seat
I've evolved a lot
I have been bought
I'm liked by many
Barely hated by any
What am I?
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Wait in line till midnight.
People trample, people fight.
To get a good deal?
On a book or a kite?
It's over now, until next year.
Read it again, it will be crystal clear.
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The bird of the song
It travels in a flock
And when it hears a voice
All of them will mock

Symbol for a nation
And a group at war
And the girl on fire
Is the cause's core
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Green and mean
Not tall or lean
Christmas is not my thing
Hearts too small
I just hate it all
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What is it called when a group of people can steal your possessions, evict you from your home, indefinitely detain you, and not go to jail?
My first is second in line
I send shivers up your spine
Not quite shining bright
I glitter in the light
What am I?

Hint: Read it differently than you'd expect but not in a different tone.
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I smile but there's tears. I laugh but I cry. Everything is wrong with me, but I'm as perfect as can be. I hate you. I love you. I do everything but nothing for you. I'm alive, but inside I'm dead. I keep trying even though I have given up.
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5 nights is all it takes.
Come at day and fun awaits.
But no, your here at night.
There is no play only fright.
Wait to long and you'll be dead.
Run out of energy and you'll dread.

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I am the only thing that places today before yesterday
What am I?
In the past I had feathers,
only working with a black liquid.
I would create elegant letters
in cursive, as everyone insisted.
Now I am made of plastic
metal, and even brass.
Mostly, my shape is now cylindric,
and the color of many a class.

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