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The Rich Want It. The Poor Need It. The Wise Know It.
What is Everywhere, No Where and some where?
I have hands, I can't clap, a face but can't smell, see or hear. But no legs or arms. What am I?
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What's everywhere, but nowhere, except where something is?
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Hello, all! A couple of days ago I was able to get in contact with Dshift. He's doing good, and he's also working on several projects at the moment, and plans on working on a project early 2017 that you'll probably all be excited for, an update to Riddle Me This! At the minimum, he wishes to clean up the content and present riddles in a new way, but he also stated that this could be a major overhaul of the app. The biggest part: HE WANTS IDEAS. "We're still in the planning phase and your input could definitely guide what we end up doing. If there are any ideas/suggestions you might have for that update, that would be most helpful."
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What did the green grape say to the purple grape?
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(Go bucs go bucs go bucs)!!!
A thousand wheels but move I do not
Call me what you will
Call me a lot

What am I?
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Every dawn begins with me
At dusk I'll be the 1st you see
And daybreak could not come without
What midday centers all about
Daisies grow from me I'm told
And when I come I end all code
Yet in the sun I won't be found
Yet still each day I will be around

What am I?
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Everytime you come on the app leave a comment saying potato
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