Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will see some questions that most users have when using our system. If you question isn't answered here, then feel free to use our Contact Us form.


  • Why should I bother to sign up?

    If you like riddles then this is the place for you. What do logged in users get over regular visitors?


    You can select which riddles are your favorites and view them at a later date, or share them with your friends!

    Adding Riddles

    If you add riddles when you log in you will be given credit for them, have a chance to edit them whenever you want, and if happened to log in using facebook you can see which of your friends have rated your riddles.

    Sharing Riddles

    You can share with your friends a list of your favorite riddles, or riddles you have added to the website with ease.

  • I like this, how I join?

    You have two different ways to join, you can connect using Facebook connect, an account will be created for you, or you can simply use our simple register form and be adding riddles in no time.

  • Is it possible to merge my DS site account with my DS facebook connect account?

    Not possible at this time, please suggest it in the feedback tag if you feel this is of most importance.

  • How do I delete my account?

    Send an email to or use our contact us form and we can take care of that for you, we can however choose to keep your riddles at our discretion.


  • How do I add a riddle?

    Click on Add Riddle, you will need to be logged in if you want to be given credit for the riddle and be able to edit it at a future date.