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  • Lynxx (on 20/10/10)
    Why would he*****
  • Lynxx (on 20/10/10)
    Then we would of never guessed *he*
  • Lynxx (on 19/10/10)
    Wow :p
  • kayla102938 (on 16/10/10)
    Wow first of all who is named He?!?! And u can't say Joe then He it sounds like ur talking about Joe. Should have been worded differently.
  • kellia (on 12/10/10)
    That is the thickest riddle I have ever heard
  • SophiaPena (on 26/9/10)
    Oh I get it now. But this is just plain retarded.
  • surpriseitsvero (on 25/9/10)
    Who the fuck is named he, retard?!
  • smiley (on 25/9/10)
    It is clever but the grammar is slightly incorrect
    First of all Joe was 13 yesterday or Joe is 13 today
    Then he is the name of joe's friend
    apart from that it's good
  • dumborox (on 21/9/10)
    I get it :)
  • Pharaoh (on 20/9/10)
    OH, wow I was way off ignore that "he" is the name of his freind ;-;
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