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This Isn't a riddle but comment what country ur from
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What do you call a robber with a list?
Three things that are related in a way. The 1st sometimes like the 2nd. The 2nd sometimes like the 3rd. The 1st and 3rd are spaced out by 22. You use them everyday.

What are they?
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Miranda sings
Tyler Oakley
Joey Graceffa?
Colleen Evens
I contain strange videos and when you go deeper they'll get stranger and stranger. When you can't take anymore you have to exit and restart the place you found me in. To find me you will start with normal videos then curiosity will overpower preference.

What am I?
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My days are numbered
What am I?
Just realized been a member for 2 years now...
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I can rewind time but only to a certain extent. My best friend lost her best friend. My other friend likes me but to me he's just a friend. This other guy is a drug dealer and was thought to be a murderer. But it turns out it was the teacher all along.

Who am I?
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Some try to hide
Some try to cheat
But time will show
We always will meet
Try as you might
To guess my name
When we meet
It is such a shame

What am I?
What's black white and Red all over
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