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I can be clean or very dirty. I can be wet but at the same time dry. I'm very handy and you might own me. In fact I'm quite expensive yet most own me. I'm nice in the day but evil eyes at night. Who am I?
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Who is the last action hero?
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I may be deceitful
But stealing's an art
It comes from my soul
And it fills up my heart

Lifting and pinching
All that calls my name
My task may be low
But I carry no shame

I may be sneaky
But I'm not a spy
So riddle me this:
Who am I?
A man buys five buckets of paint, each a different color. He didn't buy them to paint a wall, but to paint the buckets of paint. He wants each of the five colors on each of the five buckets. You have five paint brushes to use. What is the least amount of strokes it takes to paint the buckets accordingly?
(Note: the top and bottom of the five buckets do not need to be painted)

HINT: The answer is not 25
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Sky in the clear
Ocean by day
A color so rich
Gleams like the sun's rays

In water and berries
A radiant hue
A color so loyal
And it's called ____
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Pro and newbie,
The riddler test,
To find one thing,
To find the best,

So, round and round,
Knocking them out,
We're left with one,
Who won this bout?

What is it?
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Lace up your boots
Guards off the blade
Stepping right on in
An ice cascade

Pushing and gliding
Streaking the ice
Wind blows in your face
It feels very nice

Crossover now
And maybe a jump
An axel or lutz
You're not one to stump

Spin for the last
A camel or two
And now you are done
...well, maybe just a few...
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Furry, four-legged
Playful and sweet
Barking and playing
If you give it a treat
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A music hall of prestige
Of the finest grace
Only the prestige are allowed
With the finest taste

Thousands attend
To hear the fine art
And in the world of music
This hall is the heart
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This is not a repost! Read the answer before hating or modding this!

Coals and embers
Burn into light
A flickering ____
Is truly a sight
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